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Airbrushes & Accessories

Brand: Mr. Hobby
Mr Colour Repleneshing Agent 250 - 250ml Mr Color Replenishing Agent for Mr Color paints.  Contains resins which are not included in Mr Thinner series. Restores Mr Color paints to their original state even when heavily dried.  Add as needed to restore original consistency.  Do NOT use..
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Brand: Mr. Hobby
Mr Tool Cleaner R 400 - 250ml Mr Tool Cleaner is a power solvent cleaning agent that can be used to clean brushes, airbrushes & tools. Will remove most paints & adhesives...
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Brand: Mr. Hobby
Mr Airbrush Maintenance Set This perfect little set of tools and accessories required for keeping your airbrush in tip-top condition.  The Mr.Airbrush Maintenance Set Includes:  NOZZLE DETACHING/ATTACHING TOOL: Removes broken nozzle threads left in the main airbrush body WASHING BRUSH: Bru..
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Brand: Mr. Hobby
150cc Cup for PS-290 & PS-275 Mr Procon Boy Airbrush'sReplacement 150ml Paint Cup & Lid for the Mr Hobby Procon Boy LWA PS-290 airbrush. It is also compatible with the Mr Hobby PS-275 & Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH airbrushes...
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