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Mr Dissolved Putty - 40g

Mr Dissolved Putty - 40g
Mr Dissolved Putty - 40g
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  • Model: P-119 Mr Dissolved Putty - 40g

Mr Dissolved Putty 40ml

This product is essentially a styrene putty mixed in the correct ratio with a lacquer thinner to produce a filler with a creamy consistency. It is excellent for filling and smoothing over imperfections that are too deep for Mr. Surfacer. It requires an overnight drying time, it reacts well to sanding. It's properties make it compatible with Mr Surfacer, so if you notice some pits before painting, Mr Dissolved Putty can be used on top of Mr. Surfacer. Apply using a clean paint brush or tooth-pick and clean up with lacquer thinner or Mr Thiiner.

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