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Mr Colour - Grey FS36375 (C-308) - 10ml

Mr Colour - Grey FS36375 (C-308) - 10ml
Mr Colour - Grey FS36375 (C-308) - 10ml
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  • Model: C-308 Mr Colour - Grey FS36375 (C-308) - 10ml

Mr Colour - Grey FS36375 (C-308) - 10ml

Mr Colour paint from Mr Hobby is one of the highest quality solvent-based acrylic paints in the world, with amazing tone, balance, adhesion, and colour richness. This fast-drying paint is great for both hand brushing and airbrushing. As an acrylic lacquer paint Mr Colour can be mixed with the AK Real Colours and Tamiya Acrylic series paints seamlessly, because of this we also stock these paints providing you with endless colour options.


This paint can be thinned using the below thinners with a suggested standard ratio for airbrushing from 1:1 to 1:2 (Paint to Thinner ratio).

The following thinners do work with this paint;

  • AK Real Colours High Compatibility Thinner
  • Mr Colour Thinner
  • Mr Colour levelling Thinner (added retarder over the standard Mr Colour Thinner, allowing for a smoother, enhanced finish.)
  • Mr Rapid Thinner (Reduced Drying Time, Enhanced Mr Colour Metallic Paints, not recommended for Gloss Colours) 
  • Tamiya Lacquer Thinner
  • Pure Alcohol (Will not give the best results)

The following thinners (and similar) do not work with this paint;  

  • Tamiya X-20A Thinner
  • Vallejo Airbrush Thinner
  • Ultimate Airbrush Thinner
  • Windex
  • Water


Mr Colour paints come in four types of finishes: Flat, Semi-Gloss, Gloss and Metallic.

For gloss-type paints the gloss level can be adjusted by mixing Mr Colour Flat Base additive (model number C-030, C-188 or C-189). As a general example, mix approximately 5% to 10% of Flat Base to convert to a semi-gloss finish, or 10% to 20% to achieve a matte/flat finish.


Solvent-based paint contains harmful fumes and air particulates when airbrushing. When working with paint of this type, please ensure your workspace is well ventilated and a suitable paint respirator must be always worn.

*Further Information about Mr Hobby Products including this paint range can be found on the Mr Hobby website here